Positive Displacement Pumps

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SloniTec is the agent for Nakakin pumps.

This Japanese made high quility positive displacement pump has shown its reliability and power with 1000s of units in operation over the world. 

SloniTec has multiple Nakakin pumps in operation all over the country with a very high success rate and unbelievable pumping power and vacuum.

All pumps can be serviced by SloniTec or by the customer with on site training provided and a large range of spare parts available.

SloniTec can perform a on site demo of the pumping capabilities or provide case studies of installed units. 

Nakakin is preferred for use with viscous products and products that have pieces imbeded that are not to be disturbed. 

  • Very high suction vacuum
  • 15 bar discharge pressure
  • Robust
  • Easy to maintain
  • Up to 150˚C
  • From 0.1 – 88.0 m³/hr

Positive Displacement Pumps





The perfect pump solution for high viscose products.





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