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SloniTec took part of Food and Drink Technology Africa 2016. We want to thank all customers and visitors who visited our stand #52.

Nakakin Pumps

We want to extend a special thanks to Nakakin for providing us the very practical Display of Nakakin Sanitary Rotatory Lobe Positive Displacement Pumps. Nakakin Rotatory Lobe Positive Displacement Pumps as seen in the attached Image. Nakakin Positive Displacement pumps have numerous industries in which that can be used in, Click attached link to find your industry. http://www.nakakin.eu/za/industries-za

Firstly Nakakin Positive Displacement pumps can pump food product with suspended solids in liquid, without damaging the food product. Nakakin Positive Displacement pumps can be used to pump products of high viscosities. Nakakin Positive Displacement pumps can produce a discharge pressure up to 15 bar. Nakakin Positive Displacement pumps are completely CIP able, easy to clean and maintain. Nakakin Positive Displacement pumps are versatile and efficient. 

CIP Plants

Showcasing of CIP plants, Cleaning In Progress, that SloniTec designs and Manufactures was a topic in demand at FDT Africa 2016. SloniTec designs and supplies CIP plants to meet requirements and capacity specified by the client. SloniTec has designed and build numerous CIP plants ranging from:

  • Manual, Semi Manual and Fully Automated CIP Plants
  • CIP Plants that have Modular Concepts
  • CIP Plants with 1 to 4 Individual Cleaning Cycles
  • CIP plants with 1 to 4 Storage Tanks

    Pigging Systems

    Pigging System, a hot topic at FDT Africa 2016. Pigging systems main focus is the product Recovery. Additional application of Pigging System:

    • Save Product
    • Increase Efficiency
    • Reduce Water consumption
    • Reduce Cleaning Time
    • Save money everyday

    Pigging systems are comprised of a Sending station, where the PIG is inserted into the Production line.

    The PIG thereafter will be pushed from the PIG Sending station to PIG Receiving station.

    The PIG can be driven using the Product pump (using a Second Product), CIP Solution or Municipal Water pressure.  

    The PIG is designed to not allow the material on either side of the PIG to come into contact.

    Pigging Systems types:

    • Fully Automated
    • Semi-Automated
    • Manual

    The PIG is made of a Food Safe material and is FDA approved. Pigging system is a cost effective means of Recovering product in a piping system. The image to the right is of a Fully Automated Pigging system Sending station.


    Kieselmann valves Technology

    Kieselmann a German Based Company, which manufacture high quality Fluid technology equipment. Kieselmann products allow ease for control and manipulation of the products within systems, for liquids and viscous products. Furthermore Kieselmann Fluid Technology and Valves offer safe, reliable and innovation to its customers. This is why we at SloniTec choose to provide our Clients with Kieselmann technology.

    Kieselmann Valve Technology are used in the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries. SloniTec has been supplying, installing and servicing Kieselmann Valves, Sprayballs and Sight glasses from the day SloniTec started operations in South Africa. Kieselmann Valve Range is diverse, specialized and efficient in the number of applications.

    SloniTec is happy to announce the use of Kieselmann Over-Pressure valves, Butterfly valves, Ball Valve, Leakage Butterfly Valves to improve Productivity, Sanitary Operation and Efficiency of Clients in the Meat, Dairy, Juice and Water Purification industries. Kieselmann Valves are easy to maintain, mount and to automate.

    SloniTec has had to opportunity to test the ease and flexibility of building turnkey skids for clients using Kieselmann Valves. The skid comprised of Actuated Double seat valves and Actuated Butterfly Leakage Valves, built into a network, to improve Down time for clean and Extension of product shelf life. Just another example of SloniTec quality workmanship and Kieselmann innovation working in unison.

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