Newsletter (July) - Butterfly Leakage Valves

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The focus of the July 2017 SloniTec Newsletter is the Kieselmann Butterfly Leakage Valve. This valve ensures products are not cross contaminated due to faulty seals. This offers cost effective leakage protection whilst maintaining a hygienic design. All of this with the high quality engineering and manufacturing you can expect with all Kieselmann products.


The valve makes use of a sealing chamber around the parameter of the butterfly. This chamber ensures that the liquid from Medium A never gets into contact with that of Medium B, even if the butterfly seal is leaking. 

The leaking liquid simply flows into this sealing chamber from which it drains out into a drainage line. The draining will be a visual indication that there is a problem with the seal and that the valve requires attention. All of this whilst not having to worry that your product has been contaminated due to a faulty or warn seal.


The leakage butterfly valve like all other Kieselmann valves has the option to be manual, actuated or fully automated.

The fully automated option ensures the valve control is without human error and that the opening and closing times of the valve are as fast as possible, reducing product losses and ensuring optimal efficiency.

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