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The focus of the October 2017 SloniTec Newsletter is Food Grade Hose. High quality food grade hose for a wide variety of applications.

White, non-porous and smooth UPE lining
( Ultra high density polyethylene )
Free of plasticizers
Absolutely neutral to taste and odour
Up to 16 Bar operating pressure 
Operating temperature up to +95°C
Steam able up to 130°C for 30 min.
NBR cover, resistant to ozone, weather 
and abrasion
Meets the recommendation XXI of BFR 
and FDA regulations
Suitable for pure alcohol up to 98%
For suction and discharge
Steel helix embedded
DN 25 – 100 mm
SloniTec also offers hose ends, custom made to your needs with a wide range of components and sizes available to fit any application.
The hose ends components include:
Safety hose clamps
DIN Male, nut and liners
Drop protection rings

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